You know you're a drummer when...


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You have actually had your indicators click in time with a song playing on the stereo, noticed, and had your mind blown.


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No, believe me, I meant exactly what I said.

If your kit is worth $20k+ and your cars combined (second hand) cost no more than $18k, then yep, the drums are worth more :p


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funny stuff here . lol
i find i only keep weird sh-t in my pockets because it makes the perfect sound.
& no cow, but i just have to have a cow bell
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When you are having sex, and the bed is creaking and the head-post is scraping against the wall, and all your'e thinking is is that a 9 over 4 or just a regular 8/4 with a tricky accent..?



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When you're happily tapping away in a public place and your other half mentions that you look 'special'

Not good when you're nailing the song in question though and you stop, mid song.

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The top of the list requirement for deciding on a house location is....pre-gig can I load out at 5 pm without hitting rush hour traffic and then post gig can I unload the car at 1 am without waking the entire neighbourhood.