You know you are a drummer when...


Anthony Amodeo

People are always asking me what is that on my key chain.

I don't even use the drum key on my key chain,(as I have a dozen other drum keys) but I don't dare take it off, just in case.

Ive had a drum key on my key ring that is constantly attached to my belt loop for at least 20 years

and I still constantly search for a drum key completely forgetting its attached to me at all times

Anthony Amodeo

.....when you put your dinner plate on a practice pad on your lap so you can watch the Knicks game while you eat exposing myself a bit here


Anthony Amodeo

Guest wife is talking to you and you don't hear a word she said because you are watching the new Keith Carlock Vic Firth clip
then she says .."you didn't hear a word I just said did you?"
and you lie saying ...."yes yes I heard everything you said"

that actually just happened to me minutes ago

I hope she wasnt saying something important :)


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....every single mundane shopping errand contains at least one stop at the local drum store "just to check"....

The Gedge

You know you're a drummer when...
* No-one takes you seriously
* Your best friend plays bass
* You get irritated watching live bands because you can't see the drummer clearly enough

Loving the "flammable" one at the beginning


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When you think of a beat and beat box it into the voice memo/note part of your cell phone where ever you are... work, date, church, in bed with the wife...

It really looks cool on the job.


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You mount a practice pad to your dashboard, because none of the car's interior surfaces provided the proper rebound.
NICE. Toyota dashes are good for staccato sounds, but I do believe you have a very unsafe driving implement there, but as long as your IN TIME when you hit the pole, it can be considered ART.


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When others don't understand your "tapping" at your desk in conditioning, and building muscle memory, and that , YES , an oxygen tank can be therapy.
"Rust" off Roots.


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You'd like to put 'drumrrr' on your license plate but inside you know you're an insecure schmuck for even thinking about it. (hope no one's done this..)

You hear thunder and you're envious.