Yoga and Pilates for Drummers!

Phil Maturano

Hi guys.
I just wanted to drop by and write about this. I recommended Yoga and Pilates to a couple of musician friends who were having hand, arm, wrist, pain etc etc. Well, the reports coming back after a few months of this are very very very encouraging. I started doing Yoga and Pilates about a year ago now, and the wrists and arms feel very good! I can type on the computer for hours and not get stiff. It's something I would recommend strongly at this point, if you are suffering with some of this pain. I told my teachers what I do and they are very careful with me and very accommodating. Of course there are other benefits, but the main thing is the stretching, of course breathing ( i found this helpful to combat holding the breath through difficult passages of music, or physically demanding phrases)

The first person that told me about this (for years) was Rich Mangicaro (when he was with Paiste) He always said "check it out man!" - I guess I finally listened!

All the best


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I highly agree. I know it sort of sounds corny but I bought the Wii Fit for my girlfriend and hopped on it one day and tried the yoga and strength exercises. These two things on this simple "game" really helps to stretch out and build the core muscles. I have started using the Wii Fit every day and can tell a huge difference.

I have to say that the only advantage I think about this game is you are standing/sitting on a balance board that will detect weather you are doing the pose correct.

If nothing else, I recommend stretching every morning and evening and you will be able to tell the difference when you play the drums. Let alone feeling better all day long.


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Ha! Another place for drummers to go scope out hot-chicks... Yoga class!

I agree though, anything we can do to improve circulation and breathing (naturally) can only help our chronic drumming injuries... Although it may stress our marraiges because DAMN!

~Downward Doggy