Yet another "What time signature is this song in" thread


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It took me a few times of counting while listening to entirety of the song for my brain to actually understand the time signature. Maybe the drum beat was too chaotic, I guess?

Also, can someone breakdown the confusing main hat-kick-and-snare drum beat?

great song indeed, I like it!
TRoK is this awesome mix of jazz,rock and pop, so if you're into that, you really should check them out...!


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27.5/16 - I've written 30 solo albums worth of that signature and it took me 17 years of playing to get there.

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LoL..can I get a T-shirt?

Seriously, the weirdest time signature I ever came across was a Santanna/Mahavishnu collaboration.. my best guess was that it was a bar of 13 and half... or if you count reeally fast - a bar of 27!

I hope that's covered in your book!