Yep, it's official, I'm a drummer


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This morning at work I was standing at the copy machine copying a large volume of medical records. Without even realizing it at first I looked down to find myself tapping out triplet patterns on the machine while waiting for the copies to finish. I guess that's it, it's a part of me now!


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I learned to play drums on the dashboard of cars, back when they were metal. Or, if I was driving, steer with my legs and beat the steering wheel.


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Wait until you're tapping 7/8 like second nature and you're hardly noticing it ;-)

It can get obsessive. I remember when I was into guitar for about 3 years and in the German army we were doing various "formal exercises" standing in line and I was visualizing non-stop 16th note solo lines in my head, the frets/fingering, everything - for hours. I couldn't help it. After a while (days, if not weeks) it went away, since that time I can control thinking of/visualizing music or "switching off". I'm not very long into drums - haven't experienced any compulsive behaviour yet...

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Welcome to the club, now you're going to annoy everyone with that "bad" habit, I know I do and my wife keeps reminding me. :))


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I climb the stairs and think of triplets (sound of my feet on the stairs). Also usually assign some kind of time to my footfalls when walking on a sidewalk for any distance.

Try it some time and you will be doing it for the rest of your life.

Bo Eder

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Congratulations! Today I was standing at a copying machine doing absolutely nothing.
I think I'm losing it.


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If that's the measurement, I was a "drummer" looooong before I had a drum kit. Of course, tapping something in time isn't quite the same as doing para diddles on the steering wheel.

I realized the other day that I'm nearly compulsive about percussion. When I encounter a new surface or material, it's not long before I test it for interesting tones when struck.


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When i chew any food or chewing gum, i sometimes find myself doing it at a very steady rate, almost metronome-esque, and i line the timing up with whatever song is stuck in my head.