yay grade 2


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did my second grade a few weeks ago and it just came back and i got a merit.
did my 1 like 6 months ago should have done them sooner tbh.

i know some people dont believe in grades but im doing them i think its going well :)


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Hi Mrbling,

are these the rock school grades? what peices did you do?

Some of the pieces in the later grades are quite good.

Keep at it


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Nice one.

I've always wondered how these work, though. Is there a set syllabus? For instance, to pass a certain grade you may have to be fluent in singles, doubles and paradiddles, play an intermediate level song and come up with three grooves of your own - that sort of thing?


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theres 5 sections i think songs you have to do 3 of 6
then rudiments
groove recall ( payed then you have to repeat)
improve and interpretation or sight reading
general musicianship qs( how to tune position of notes on stave) 1 rediculous question name some principle drum makes :S too easy.


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My ignorance abounds. Google time.

Congratulations anyway, dude.
No, you're not being ignorant. Mr. Bling was very vague in his topic post. I would not have had a clue what he was talking about if last month I hadn't come across a Rock School video on YouTube. It is a UK program, and seems specifically geared towards UK teens. I do like the idea, though. It's a great way to track your progress. Anything that is goal oriented gets a thumbs up from me. I imagine it gives more incentive for young drummers to practice frequently.


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MrBling, well done mate.

Did you attempt Chill Bill? If i do these grades with students we have to do that one, even if it is just to get a grips with jazz and the co-ordination involved.


Rockschool is alright if that is your sort of thing. The songs in the earlier grades are pretty crap tbh but in the later grades (it runs 1-8) they are quite challenging with odd times and different styles.

Grade 8 is college level and is a requirment to get into uni up here (or equivelant level)

One thing that is good about it is that you can do it in a band. If you get a mate doing the guitar one, someone doing the bass and you on the drums you can all sit the exam at the same time.

Overall its a good thing if you like a certificate on your wall and that sort of structure but I do find that it's not for alot of students