Yamaha SD-1455 VS Pearl Sensitone Steel... help !!


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Free bumb !!

Please, does anyone know ?
I just don't want to make a mistake...

Do you think that those snares can sound about the same ??

Thanks again !!



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Hi Drummerworld !!

I was looking for a new snare drum and I wanted
a nice steel one for some times... I'm narrowed my
choice between the Yamaha SD-1455 and the Pearl
Sensitone Steel 14"X5". The Yamaha is 14"X5.5" but
I don't think that the .5" is important for me...

I would like to have your opinion on these snares since
I'm not able to try before I buy where I live. I like the sound
of Adam Topol in the Jack Johnson's recording (Yamaha SD-1455)...
But I understan that the Pearl Sensitone is realy "sensitive" and
it's something that I realy want... (to play at low volume with a great

So, with G1 coated on both, do you guys think that those two snares
can sound about the same ? Is there realy a big difference ? one is
1 mm w/ 2.3mm rims, the other is 1.2 mm with 1.6mm rims...

Thanks for your help !!