Yamaha Recording custom 26" kick &colors.


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G'day me drummer mates from drummerworld! :).Does anyone know(preferably from Yamaha themselves) if you can still get off the shelf or custom order a 26" kick in Yamaha Recording Custom in the exact&precise color Tony Thompson endoresed?.
Also does anyone know what sizes he(TT/Tony Thompson) played live&In the studio?
&what color was his kit(s)?
ta mates! :)


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Dang! Man, I loved that kit that pic Harry linked.

I've seen promo pic's of the Black one, but more live shots of the Red one.
From the MD article, he played the Red kit with David Bowie and Power Station.
He used the Red kit with the 26 in the studio with Bowie also. Pretty sure that was the "Tonight" album. the drums sound huge, especially the bass drum on that album.

If I remember right, the kit was 8x10, 8x12, 9x13 with 16x16 & 16x18" floor toms (standard Yamaha sizes). Snare was a Hammered 402 with a CS Black dot (I have one, it kicks ass).
He was shown with coated tom batters and bass drum batter --probably Emps.

I think you can still get RC in a 26, but most likely only in Black or whatever the limited colors they offer RC in now.

I believe they only ever offered the 26 in a 14" depth also.

Good luck!


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Wow, that's pretty sweet.
Those were my "dream drums" back in the day. I think I still have the poster of the big, multi-tom kit too.

I had all the hardware, loved it, but, the sound for me was Ludwig with the maple shell.
Never looked back, but I did buy Sable Black and had Mach lugs haha!

1989 (give or take, mine were Jan 1990) was when Ludwig started the painted finishes and long lug option.

Yamaha drums still have a place in my heart though. I like the older hardware better, and the toms with mounts on them instead of the YESS system.
10x14--can't go wrong with that! An 18" floor would be easy to get if you wanted one.

Red is available too, that's great. Not really a Yellow fan, but theirs did look nice.

The Black ones still make me feel like I did back in the 80's looking at them.

I played a RC Black kit last w/e at a festival and it was the older model with the mount on the drum. They were just fine, no loss of resonance at all IMO (even though these aren't on the tom).


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My "first" RC's were in a Tobacco Burst (22, 13, 16). Traded some Vistalight drums for them. I had about $250 into the Luddies, so it was kinda a no brainer for me.​
When I first jumped into electronics, I sold the RC's for $875 .... I knew I could "always" get another RC kit ....​
And so it did happen, I landed a RC kit (22, 12, 13, 14 w/snare) for $995. In the "vintage" natural finish ... I much prefer over the Tobacco ... the 13" was an add on lacquer finish, so I'm gonna sell it. The other 3 drums are a resin (satin) finish, and match. At some point in time, a 16x16 will pass into my sights, and I'll pull the trigger ... that'll give me a 1 up, 2 down ....​
Funny ... my Yamaha RC kit is my "beater" kit ... I guess I can live with that ...​



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Cool MusiQmaN!

Harry that natural is a beauty. Natural kits make me drool, even though I've never had one.


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After he passed, Yamaha had his kit on display at NAMM, and it was in cherry wood.

But I'm sure a guy like Tony had many kits over the years, so I wouldn't get too hung up on the color.

I have his old hardware case. I bought it at GC used before he passed. It used to have his name on it prominently, but the paint has faded over the years.
By coincidence, I was just thinking of taking mine to a rehearsal tonight, I am lucky enough to have an genuine original minty 26x14 9000 RA model ( black bearing edge, thinner shells than current ) and it is absolutely the finest sounding big kick I have had the pleasure of kicking ! Took me ages to find it, great, great drum, here is a pic in my studio. I put a couple of Smooth White Remo PS3's on recently, leave it undamped, BIG sound.

Shown here with 10x9 14x12 16x16 18x16 and my Ludwig Brass Millenium 14x6.5 & some 2002's I think.



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Oh my (and still using a subkick :p)

You most be a tall guy...

Cant wait to have mine even more when I see this.
Oh my (and still using a subkick :p)

You most be a tall guy...

Cant wait to have mine even more when I see this.
Nope standard height, but I sit higher than average I think, actually I often spread the Toms to the left and lower to clear the Bass, however I have no prob with an 'old skool' tall setup.

I think you will love your 26, the tone & volume is something else !


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I played Yamaha RC's for years. I had piano black, white and hot red, which was the color Tony Thompson was seen with the most in his heyday. They were almost a firey orange red in direct light, very cool. I think a 26" would sound sweet if you can find one.