Yamaha Hex Rack HXTC clamps.


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Hi there,

I'm trying my last hope here.

I have the possibility to get a Hex Rack, the last one the store has left. The only problem is that the HXTC clamps that I was going to order were sold in the last few days. I've checked all the sites I know, but nobody has them. Only one site would say that if I really wanted to they might be able to give me one clamp that they have, but they'd have to check a few things out first (so that's not even sure it can be done)...

So I'm just trying my last hope in asking if there are any guys, preferably in Europe, who would by any chance having at least 6 HXTC clamps lying around. The ideal would be 7 but I'd be so grateful if I could find 6 - I can't be difficult here.

For the past 48h, I have been calling all over Europe and checking out music websites, eBay etc. I've even tried some U.S. online stores to no avail. So even though I need to keep it real (I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get them) I'm trying here...

Might sound silly, but I'm really doing all I can to try and get these pieces - I'm dying to get that Hex Rack.

Thanks for any help.


EDIT: Sorry I made a mistake and accidentally posted this in the general discussion forum.
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Thanks for doing that, I really appreciate it. I'm going to owe you one with all the help you're giving me!

I wrote to Yamaha Europe. It figures out they didn't know about the Hex Rack being discontinued until they contacted their commercial division for the info... Funny.