Write drumscore by tapping


Hey fellas,
Is there an app were I can write my drumscores by tapping the rhythm?
For example. Set an 4/4 bar and tap first the kick, than snare and after that the HiHat and so on, so final get an whole drumscore/notation.
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You should be able to do that by MIDI-ing an electronic keyboard or electronic drum set into Finale. I have only used Finale to write using the computer, not by playing the rhythms into the program. But it is possible.


Jeff is right. I got this to work with my Roland TD-10X and Finale. There seems to be a bit of a lag between the input and Finale. If you rip off some 16th or 32nd note fills it doesn't seem to keep up but that may have been an issue with my setup. At the very least the score will be close and you can go back and manually clean it up in Finale.


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Sibelius has a similar feature, too. But I find it easier to just manually enter the parts via a MIDI keyboard and copy-paste when needed.


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