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Hi there, here's the story: A couple of weeks ago I started to notice some minor discomfort when my left wrist was flexed all the way (think push-up position). It's getting a little worse - not exactly real pain yet though. Also, I just noticed today that the last joint on my left pinky finger is starting to hurt.

Here's the kicker - I only play drums a few times a month, and I play traditional. I'm pretty sure the "pain" isn't caused by anything drumming related, but I don't think drumming is helping. Has anyone experienced the same sort of thing? I can't go to a doctor right now (lost my job), so is there anything you can recommend in the meantime? Thanks.


Hi Sable!

Our hands weren't made to do repetitive motion while in the position you described, push up position. When you get to the end motion where your palm is about 90 degrees to your forearm you are at a point where none of your muscles can support it with any strength.

If you would like to keep your drumming muscles in good shape and help strengthen your forearm muscles, you can try this exercise...

Place your wrists together with your palms facing each other. With your wrists staying connected, clap your hands together quickly and in a smooth tempo for 100 claps at a time without stopping. If you count it out loud or internally, it will help you with your internal clock.

If you have a practice pad available, focus on playing strength and endurance building exercises like bucks, RrRrRrRr LlLlLlLl, or triplets RrrRrrRrrRrr LllLllLllLll. If you are familiar with Moeller method, pay close attention to hw smoothly you can make the strokes while maintaining a smooth wave motion through your arm.

Hope this helps!

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First thing you should do is see a Dr and have it checked out, second thing is going to be rest. Pain is a way your body tells you something is wrong,you don't listen it only gets worse. See a dr before it gets worse!


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I've been dealing with wrist pain for years. And it's actually not from drumming, it's from a pinched nerve from where my neck meets my shoulder, that was injured on three separate occasions in my life. It pinches the nerves to my wrist, causing wrist pain.
And while drumming is not the cause, drumming does aggregate it.

A few things that could help, mix and match for what is best for you:
  • Hit less hard. Not everyone can be Kenny Arnoff.
  • Take Glucosamine.
  • Try a bigger stick that absorbs more impact or try a smaller stick that you're forced to not hit as hard.
  • Get check out by a Chiropractor. Or several, some are better than others.
  • Wear basic ACE wrist braces when playing.
  • Check your seat & posture for anything that could be causing pinched nerves.
  • Spend less time on a computer (which I understand is near impossible these days).
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated when playing.

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