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Good luck at the audition!

I do agree with the advice to find out why the other drummer is leaving, and even better, to speak with him before accepting anything. No matter how prestigious it is, would you really want to take on this committment if the other drummer tells you, "It pays well, and the musicianship is superb, but the guitar player is a major douchebag?"
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I think one huge factor is where you are in your life.
^ This.

The 25 year old me would have gone for it, and moved to be closer to the new band.

The 32 year old me would have weighed the pros and cons.

The 40-something me wouldn't even consider it.


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If i was in that situation I would. If it was an extension of my current position where i can live off the gigs i do, i wouldnt risk it for the fame and fortune chance no.