Work screwing with drums

So this isn't the normal i work 90hrs a week and don't have time to drum thread. It's diff. At my work I use a blade very regular and lately I've been cutting my fingers a lot and that really screws with me drumming. It's hard to grip my stick comfortably with sliced up fingers. I know that's all on me, just be more careful, but do any of you guys/girls have a similar situation?


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So what do you do for a living? It sounds like you repair lawn mowers while the engine is running. If that's the case, I'd turn off the engine first.

Yeah, playing drums with injured fingers can definitely put a damper on your day.

Anon La Ply

Employers have a responsibility not to injure their workers. Either the work system should change or you should have some kind of protection.

It's very hard to drum with injured fingers. Maybe you should get singing lessons so that when you get a proper job that doesn't injure you all the time you will be a much improved backup vocalist and be more in demand as a drummer (once you can play regularly again).

You can also practice footwork. If, at any time, one hand is not injured, do some work just with that hand plus feet. Maybe some mental practice and (realistic) air drumming could help too.


i am a machinist and i know the feeling. I take great care of my hands because it how i make my living and playing drums is my life. When i cut my hands i alway have a tube of super glue at my desk and always glue it up right away. I also use alot of lotion to keep my hands from drying out since i wash them 30x a day..... take your time at work and you will learn to cut yourself less or get another job.
Mmulcahy1- Lol not that bad. Basically I make signs/graphics for anything from cars to banners. And at one point or another a blade is used to cut every sign. (glad I didn't use the if I told you I'd have to kill you joke?)

Dre25- you prob know this but just to clarify that was me being sarcastic because I've seen a few threads where people have said they work so much they don't have time. But I like the idea of punching myself in the face.

Anon la ply- your first part is true yes but aT the same time I'm the one rushing. Also there is is no amount of vocal training that could help my sorry voice. Last thank you for ur advice on footwork, I completely overlooked that.

Slippy- thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. I've never heard the super glue trick before, do you just rub it in? Lol yeah slowing down is something I really have to work on.


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Slow down and take your time. I work with machine parts that can get pretty gnarly. It took a while for me to learn to be careful how I was grabbing and reaching for things.
Vegas island- true but I couldn't really leave them on the whole job. I'd have to put them on, cut, take em off, repeat. Trust me ive thought of that. Thanks for the offer though. Besides if I just listen to foolintherain and slippy all should be good.


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You know, you can always... wear gloves.
There are kevlar and spectra gloves ,which are made to reduce cuts and abrasions.

Those are just two of the materials that are used in ballistic armor,and bullet resistant vests.

They can be cut,but it takes numerous attempts and pressure to do so.

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