wierd question


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So i finally stopped being lazy and i finally got some heavy duty noise reduction headphone things that are at the hardware store. I have just gotten a new drum kit and i thought i tuned them pretty good. I then put on the headphones and they sound so good, the toms are warm sounding and the snare is nice and crisp. I then took of the headphones and hit some of the drums and they sounded really bad. The toms just sounded way off. I was just wondering if that was normal or not?


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You're basically cutting out all the harsh unwanted high frequencies when you shove those things on that's why they sound warm.

It also depends a lot on the room your playing them in and by the sounds of it your room is not too drum friendly.


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Ya thats normal, just let your ears get back to normal and play some more and they'll sound great again.


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Noise reduction headphones do not attenuate all frequencies at the same dB level (volume). Think of the headphones as a passive equalizer where the headphones are turning down various frequencies at various levels.


There is something about good sounding drums that gets me to play better and more confidently, wearing iso-headphones can be a real confidence booster.