why was my thread moved?


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seems i can't get someone from this site to reply so...

it seems my vintage photo post was buried in the "gear" section.

i don't know why but perhaps someone who runs the site can reply.


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Any topic can fit into at least 2 categories.

For instance, a topic such as "Different Kit for Gigging" could be posted under 'General Discussion' or 'Drum Gear - > Drums', or even under 'Your Place > Your Gear'

Thematically, it belongs under Drums (unless you have already bought the new kit, in which case it is 'Your Gear'), but we all know that the eyeballs all go to General.

Whatever happens to your thread, in the interests of balance and maintaining a flow of Chi through the universe, somebody else's thread will be treated differently, probably on the same day.

Does that help?


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If it was strictly about drums, I could have moved it to Drums, or Your Gear. I spend a lot of time here moving all manner of threads.