Who is your favorite drummer(s)

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#1 Buddy Rich - best ever....that's why.
#2 Ringo Starr - because he's Ringo, that's reason enough.
#3 Me


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All time favourite:
Neil Peart

Plus in no particular order from over the last three decades:
John Bonham
Benny Greb
Simon Phillips
Gavin Harrison
Steve Smith
Keith Moon
Dave Weckl
Carter Beauford
Todd Suchermann
Dave Dicenso
Steve Gadd
Stewart Copeland
Marco Minnemann
Cozy Powell
Thomas Lang
Billy Cobham...
And many more


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Drummers I try to model my playing after.....

Andy Newmark
Jim Keltner
Jim Gordon
Simon Kirke
Gene Krupa

People I WISH I could play like.....

Tony Williams
Barrie Barlowe
Simon Phillips


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Bob Siebenberg ( Supertramp )

Simon Kirke ( Bad Company & Free )

Steve Smith ( Journey & Vital Information )

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd )

Nate Morton ( Drummer for The Voice house band )

Tony Coleman ( B.B. King )

Nigel Olsson (Elton John )

Steve Gorman ( Black Crowes )


Maybe a little odd, but Eric Kretz from Stone Temple Pilots. When I think of a great drum tone the Core album jumps in my mind.

Not the greatest technical drummer in the world but he's great at what he brings to the table.

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My current list is as follows:

Manu Katché. Great groove-drummer with immense creativity and technical skills.

Ash Soan. Perhaps the groove-drummer with the best Hihat-control. His shuffle is just awesome. And he's a very kind person.

Steve Jordan. Oh... yet another groove-drummer. But WHAT a groove-drummer he is... fantastic.

Steve Gadd. Great technical skills and he adds the right amount of spice to a song. And ... he's a freakin' great groove-drummer.

Adam Deitch. Has a great ... what? ... yeah ... GROOVE. Super-talented guy with a very positive personality. He loves playing drums. You can really see that.

Uhhh... I forgot the most important one. Joe Morello. I believe I don't need to explain why. ;)
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Carter Beauford- I've heard people say he "overplays"; FALSE. He is a just groove master with the deepest pocket in the universe. His hits are absolutely perfect every single time, elevating each and every song to a whole new level, and his hi-hat/cymbal work is second to none.

Bud Gaugh- This guy is the king of reggae/rock drumming.


Normally I just say John Bonham and job done but I have more and newer players I have been listening to outside the genius of people like Bonham and Steve Gadd.

Favourite drummers at the current time. I am getting bored of listing the same old same old we all know so hopefully this may inspire people to search out new drummers. We all know Dennis Chambers is amazing for example. I am endorsing the bands they play with as I do not like Slipknot or Gorija or Korn for that matter but I like their playing.

Travis Orbin
Ray Luzier
Jay Weinberg
Thomas Pridgen
Mario Duplantier


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I like this thread because it is a listing of favorite drummers, not "best". This order is in the same vane, most to least favorite. The order does not represent who I think is best.

Neil Peart
Buddy Rich
Ian Pace
Bernard Purdie
John Bonham
Tim Davis (Steve Miller)
Steve Smith
Aynsley Dunbar
Steve Gadd
Billy Cobham


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in no particular order:

Max Roach
Philly Jo Jones
DJ Bonebrake (X)
Topper Headon (The Clash)
Clem Burke (Blondie)
Charlie Watts (duh)
Mick Avory (The Kinks)
Steve White
Steve Jordan
JoJo Mayer
Clyde Stubblefield
Brendan Canty (Fugazi)


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Gene Krupa-Benny Goodman and solo. I prefer him to Buddy Rich, whilst Buddy was a better player, to me its just speed and technique which while i utter idolize him for what he can do, I never found Buddy as musical as Krupa and thus why I fell for Krupa much harder.

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Jim Austin (ex-Into Eternity) - Guy was a beast in his days.
Tomi Salonen of One Morning Left - he sings and drums at the same time, so kudos to him.
Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) - his technicality is serious.
The guy from Limp Bizkit. Didn't listen to them for long, but I thought he was good.


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Favorite drummer........hmmm.... nearly impossible........ which genre ......... what decade......alive or dead...... ? Mr. Rich, of course, the most prolific drummer ever - greatest influence on all drummers who came after. Neil Peart is certainly among the most influential but then there's Vinnie Colaiuta is one of the best known great drummers - among drummers but relatively unknown among general music aficionados. So ..... then there's Carter Beauford. So, I guess, the guy who is always number one on most lists of drummers is again, as always, Mr. Buddy Rich. After all, he set the standard.