Which drum throne would you choose?


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Yup, I used to own a DW back in the 90's. I never felt it was uncomfortable. I agree, the Pork Pies are very cushioned. I like my Roc n Soc more though. :p
I think I'm just spoiled.

When I started playing, the only thing I could afford was a really cheap, single-braced Gibraltar throne with the absolute smallest seat with just a little bit of "padding." I'm a big dude, and after several years, the tripod broke. I was so poor at the time, I couldn't afford a drum throne; however, I scraped together some money and just bought a new tripod. I played on that same drum seat for 8-9 years, and it was the ONLY drum throne I'd ever had. I got married, the first Christmas my wife bought me a custom Pork Pie drum throne with a roc n soc backrest. I've never gone back on a cheap throne since then.


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Thrones are like shoes, so maybe it wasn’t right for you. If it was used, it could have been way older than it looked too.
It wasn't used, that's for sure. The foam lost it's firmness pretty quickly though. Probably threw it away after six months I think, and I didn't even sit on it that much. I don't weigh more than 190 lbs either.


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I've tried all the thrones I can get my butt on, and the Roc-N-Soc round spindle throne is the winner for me. Pork Pies are actually too cushy for me, and nitro thrones tend to bounce on me when I start using both legs, which is pretty much the whole show.


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I'd go with roc n soc or Pork Pie Big Boy.

Yes, they cost more, but in 6 months, you'll be glad you spent the extra money. Keep your eyes open for a used one.
First of all, never buy a used throne. That's like buying a used mattress. Gross and disgusting.
Secondly, regarding cost, check out the Sonor 6000 throne. Pretty much impossible to find one available in the U.S., but I got one. You're looking at over $300. I love it, but that's a lot of dough.