Where to go from greatness?

Duck Tape

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I just saw this on youtube:


And it reminded me of the way I felt the way when I saw this (among other old videos):


And if I should spell it out for you, I think these drummers were already at the highest level 30-40 years ago... and it got me thinking about how drummers change once they've been great for a long time... and I use the word 'change' because I think some drummers can't really improve as much as they can just change their style or their tastes, or move into different areas. I'm speaking very broadly of course, and I guess if we were to ask them they might say it's more about subtleties and nuances after a long time playing.

I guess that's where my mind took me, does anyone agree/disagree or have any thoughts? Apologies if this has been done before.

Anthony Amodeo

I think the perfect example of this is Tony WIlliams

his work with Jackie McLean, Eric Dolphy, Kenny Dorham, and early stuff with Miles from the early to mid 60s in my opinion is his absolute best work

not that his playing after that diminished by any stretch of the imagination .....but as you spoke about .......it changed

he started to play a bit more of a fusion style and later more rock ......which I like....but not nearly as much as when Tony absolutely killed some straight ahead that he played in the early to mid 60s when he was between 17 and 21 years old

here are examples