Where to buy a kit, BC, Canada


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New here, great forum.
Ive recently moved from a UK town where there was a good range of music shops and drum stores. Ive moved to SW BC near Vancouver and Im struggling to find a drum store that stocks more than a beginner kit.
Does anyone recommend any stores in BC, (or Canada for that fact) with a good range of kits, i.e pearl, mapex, dw.
Is it worth hopping over to Seattle and buying from the states? Is there a chance I would be hit with import duties if i bought it back myself?
Ive tried craigslist, ebay, kijiji but there isnt much going atm.



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I bet if you had something in mind, and a 10% to 25% deposit any store that sells drums could bring in something for you. I know its nice to "try before you buy", but if you have a good idea what you want you could just order a set up. I would like to do that some day, but tis gonna have to wait till the car is all paid up.

I deal with Long & McQuade here in Winnipeg when ever I get sticks, heads, cymbals and hardware. Great staff, and they deal with a anything from beginner to pro gear. I have yet to buy a drum kit new, because I always find what I am looking for used... Here is the Vancouver store info...

Long & mcquade Musical Instruments
368 Terminal Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6A 3W9, Canada
(604) 734-4886

I also did a google search and found Pacific Drum Center, which lists
» Pearl
» Mapex
» Tama
» Premier
» Gretsch
» Orange County
» Peace
» Network
not to shabby a list of drum manufactures. They don't seem to have an online store but here is the contact info...

1918 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC
phone: 604-730-9493 fax: 604-730-9630
email: drumcntr@telus.net

I remember from my last visit Vancouver having lots of pawn shops, so if you're not scared of used, I would keep that as an option as well... Here in Winnipeg, we have a few pawn shops that specialize in musical instruments, and one is even kinda like a used drum store...

Hope this helps, and welcome to Canada!

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I'm willing to help man. You will find there's a limited selection of high end stuff mainly because they want to bring that stuff in to sell.

Pacific Drum Centre is good near Granville island, W. 2nd st. Vancouver.

Tom Lee music is where I shop at on Granville st. I would say they have one of the largest selections for gear in BC, the drum section is on its own floor.

Long & McQuade in Vancouver is on Terminal ave near the main street skytrain station. They have about 5 other stores in the lower mainland.

There's a smaller shop called R&R music in Delta, I bought some nice guitar gear there. They sell drum stuff but don't have very much in stock. Still have the ability to order any thing from the brands they carry like Pearl, Tama, Sabian, Zildjian, Yamaha, Gibraltar etc.
Its cool shopping there, sometimes I worry these places will go out of business soon if not.

Hopefully that helps, if you have any other questions feel free to PM me.


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Both Long & McQuade and Tom Lee Music have locations in the Fraser Valley, if that's the 'near' Vancouver you're referring to.

What's the name of your town/city?

Both Guitar Center and Musician's Friend ship to Canada. There are restrictions on certain products, however there's still a lot to choose from.
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