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Hi, I'm a 38 and started playing the drums again a year ago after a 20+ year old break.

I've spent the last year having lessons and practicing on a mesh practice kit.

I've bought a proper kit now and am looking to move on and start playing with other musicians.

I'm not looking to be a rock star just to have a bit of fun doing something I enjoy and maybe in the future make a bit of cash so I can buy my dream kit.

I just don't know where to go next. The musicians I know are either in established bands or looking for someone with more experience.

There are local jam nights, but I'm told its quite difficult to get on and having never played with others this is a bit daunting.

I love playing heavy/thrash metal and have been learning double pedal for the last few months but wonder if its going to hard to find like minded band members at the same level who are gonna want a drummer who's knocking on 40

Any advice?

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Well, I don't know how much help I can give you since I myself haven't been playing long at all. However, my band is seeking a bassist and a vocalist to let us start playing small gigs and hopefully go from there. When we search for said musicians we don't necessarily look at their age, but the way they talk about themselves and their passion for music. If they don't seem to be the committed type then they are scratch in a heart beat. Though, my band is comprised of very serious musicians, myself included. I'm 20 years old, my lead guitarist is 20, and my rhythm is 28. Age doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things as long as your willing to work hard at it and have a positive attitude every time you sit behind the kit and when you associate with the band. Of course there will always be those times where you're just having a really bad day, but, hey, life goes on.

My recommendation for you is not to get clammy hands or sweaty palms when dealing with other musicians. If they cannot see that you are willing to put forth a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears into this and hopefully create something that really gets people going and moving and you're committed to your craft, then THEY are poor people. Their character is not worth having around because that will just lead to poor decision making and just drama.

Don't know how much help this has been but this has been my experience, in the lowly months I've been playing ha ha. Take it for what it is, one man's experience.


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Carpe Diem.Go online to look for guys in your area. Craigslist, backpage, myspace classifieds, anything. Go to the music store and talk to the sales guys, they know all of the local bands, look on the music store bulletin boards. Lie about your age, tell everyone that you're 26. JUST KIDDING age doesn't matter except to snooty 23 year olds who say "no one over 28 please". Your "level" doesn't matter so long as you can keep time, the chops will come.

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What diosdude said. Just start looking and keep looking until you find what you want. There are plenty of bands out there, all ages, all levels. You'll find it.


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finding the right musicians to play with is one of the most time consuming and frustrating things. It's all trial and error and it can test your comittment to play. You're gonna have to be patient unless you get lucky soon.

Jam nights are great for meeting other musicians and networking. The jams I went to you signed your name on a a sheet and were called up, everybody got a chance to play. That's how it should work. If the person running the jam is playing favorites then it's gonna be tougher. I've always said jamming is a great way to hone your chops. Nothing beats playing with other musicians and thinking on your feet, as it were. Keep practicing and don't get discouraged.


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I've got almost 10 years on the bassist in my band and the two guitarists are only a couple years out of high school (one is a freshman at William & Mary).

The age has nothing to do with it...maybe just a little on your bones...but the mind is ageless. Go at it full-speed-ahead and do what you want to. No fear involved.

Heck, look at Metallica..they're like 40-something going on 500 and still playing.



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Cheers everyone, thanks for your encouragement, maybe I'm not passed it after all :)

I've been talking to a mate who plays bass and he's told me about a local jam night that hasn't got any drummers going at the moment so I stand a chance of getting to play.

The musics not really my style, its country and blues but I figure it'll be worth for the experience of playing with others and to broaden my range.

So far I've concentrated on metal as its what I grew up listening to and have never grown out of it.

I think I'll drop in, have a drink and check it out