Where is the most atmosphric place you have played.



We was asked to play in a barn once, as it was going to be converted into a house later on in the year and the lady wanted a bash in the barn before conversion.

It was great, there were bails of hay every where, oil lanterns for light, generator for power, people walking around with straw in their mouth, big fire and barbercue going outside, the place still smelling of cow shite.

It was great, the place had so much atmosphere about it, will always remember it for one reason or anther.


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4th of July. The bar we were playing at that night wanted us to play on their float. So they converted a flatbed to a stage and we played the whole route. Nice day though.


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I have played a few venues that were all "atmospheric" in their own rite...its hard to pick just one. Some of the more memorable ones included: A gig where we played at a local honky tonk on the lake...lets just say if was full of "lake folk" and I was getting high off the "atmosphere"...another gig was for some kids 18th birthday and they had a kegger in the woods...the band was on a small trailer, but the drums were in a pickup truck bed that was backed up perpindicularly to the trailer...make shift drum riser (note to self...pedals do not sit well in the back of pickup trucks). Also played on the beach once...kinda cool cause we drew a big crowd comprised of many bikinis but I was cleaning sand and salt out of my stuff for weeks.


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I once played at a "drop zone" - a parachute club. It was outdoors and VERY cold (by Aussie standards). My hands were almost numb which didn't make playing easy.

Before the gig we were watching people falling out of the sky around us. We were offered to go on buddy jumps with the experts but if it was that cold on the ground, how cold would it have been up high?


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Believe it or not.......Her Majesty's Prison Beechworth, Victoria, Aust.

We played in a courtyard surrounded by sandstone walls (bars on windows and obscenities being yelled through those bars, inclusive). I was daking myself going in, but the acoustics in the court yard attributed to the best outdoor drum sound I've ever achieved. I likened it to the famous 'Bonham in the stairwell' scenario.

The crooks turned out to be a great bunch of blokes and everyone had a ball. We even invited a few of 'em up to jam with us..........they loved it, we had a great time and ended up doing several more prison gigs as a result.

I was thankful for clear drum heads at the time though as naturally, all our gear was searched before we went in.


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the orange show houston

this is a crazy road side attraction that was built in the 50's. i'm not sure about the story but I think this millionaire/billionaire left all his money to the promotion of oranges and built a "monument" to the orange before he died and left all this money for it's upkeep. it is really weird. there has only been a handful of shows there, I actually booked the first one there "bonnie" prince billy, and recently dengue fever played there. It gets really cool at night time when it is lit up.

museum of fine arts houston
they started doing a summer concert series with bands, and even though this was more of a production with sound and lights, at the end of the day I was still playing a show in the MFA in the middle of a basquiat display. really awesome show.


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Hmm...there have been a few memorable ones, like Disneyland, the Washington Park Zoo (a predator bird demonstration was happening between our sets, and a falcon almost took out our violinist...), several museums (aviation museums have lots of "atmosphere"), the Getty Center, beach-front properties, Hollywood Bowl, arenas, The Schnitz...lots of great venues with great acoustics and great vibes!


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When I was getting set to leave California, my band threw me a "going away party" gig at the same cafe where we'd had our very first little show. The big difference was, by the time this gig rolled around, not all our fans would fit in the cafe...! We used a projector to throw a kaleidoscope lightshow behind us... What a great show.

Edit: Almost forgot the pick-up gig I played at the Golden State Theater in monterey... what a great place. Beautiful!


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Hey Crew,

In a graveyard at the fresh gravesite (right after the wake) of my longtime riding buddy Jimbo, who died after hitting a deer on his Harley in Magalia about 1-1/2 years ago. Me and 4 other of his friends who are musicians played about 16 songs that we didn't get a chance to rehearse in advance, but it all worked out super well.

The last song we played was "Freebird" and it brought many a tear to the eyes of his family and friends--myself included.

NOTHING will ever top that in my book. Nothing.

C. P.


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I like to play in drum circles and there is a regular drum circle in the desert outside of Dubai. We are surrounded by 100 - 150 foot high sand dunes (you can see these dunes in the background of the photo). These events are held every full moon with around 300 drummers. It is pretty cool to have 200 - 300 drummers drumming in the groove. I am going to one to night for my new year's eve activity.

For more information about these events: http://www.dubaidrums.com

Happy New Year everyone!!!



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One of my favorite gigs was called Boogie Hill. It was in Finlay Ohio in the early seventies. We had played in Lansing Mi. the night before with Freddy King. We packed up and drove all night to Ohio.

We hung out with the Grateful Dead for a while before we went on stage. The stage was a huge concrete slab built into the side of a hill. This was an out door venue. Kinda of a mini Wood Stock. There was an ocean of people surrounded by pine trees. It was a great setting.

I could hear my drums coming back through the stage monitors better than from behind the kit. I remember just relaxing and not worring about trying to cut through the mix. The PA was awesome.

We played an hour set and the packed up and drove back to Mi. for our second night with Freddy. It was a grueling two days, but it made us feel like rock stars.

There were a lot of great gigs back in those days. I remember them well.


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we played a medium security prison once during a "family day". strange gig indeed.

just glad we didn't do "Jailhouse Rock" :)


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I play at a place here near Austin called Coupland Dance Hall. It is over 100 years old.
It has has a bed and breakfast upstairs that originally was a brothel 100 years ago.
There are stories about it being haunted.

the vibe is just cool.

Not to mention it has a great sound system ;-)
So many places, some weird, some cool, some beautiful . .

About 5 years ago I did a gig in Tijuana, Mexico in a burnt out movie house turned rock club. It was and old movie theater, like Mann's Chinese in Hollywood, from the 1940's. The entire roof had been destroyed in a fire, but somehow it was deemed safe to have shows in the lobby area, under the amphitheater seats.

The images that stand out were:
1. A man standing on a 2x4 in an inch of standing water with a extension cord in his hand, attempting to plug it into a lighting fixture that hung from the ceiling.

2. The 9 year old boy who served the beer at the "bar" (a keg in a doorway)

3. The image of the night sky as one walked out of the "club" into the empty, roofless movie hall.


Mission Beach, San Diego, amusement park, 1967, crowd over 1000 people. Battle of the bands. We placed 3rd. Boy! Did the gigs roll in after that!

...... those were the days, my friend.