where can I buy quality sheet music?


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Best site for this?

Only bought sheet music to one song before and it turned out to be terrible transcription!

Is drumscore any good?
Drumscore is largely ok but I have noticed at least a couple of errors in all the transcriptions I have purchased from there (of which I have seven). If you want you can check out the free ones available on http://www.drumscore.com/sheet-music/free-samples. In particular I take umbrage at the Master of Puppets transcription available for free because there's no way those bars are in 13/16.


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If you want an absolutely correct transcription... do it yourself! Even if it's not actually correct, it's what you're hearing in the song, and therefore correct as far as you know.

The fact that you can see a transcription that doesn't look like the song sounds, means you can hear the difference and can obviously do better yourself.

I make a living in large part by copying drum parts, and I never, never, and I repeat, NEVER use someone else's transcriptions. I always write them out myself so I don't have to worry about someone else not being as meticulous as I am.


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Hal Leonard and Warner Bros. are the two major sheet music manufacturers. VIP Music is one of the biggest distributors of sheet music in the US.


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Is drumscore any good?

They sometimes miss some of the finer details out and/or transcribed it incorrectly - compare their transcription to the isolated drum track and you'll see/hear what I mean.

They also under use repeats, often writing out entire sections where a repeat mark would do - thus wasting space and making it harder to read.

They're not bad for an overview of a track and have come in handy when I've needed to commit a song to memory super fast (engaging my visual learning side) but I wouldn't pay for one!!!