When a drummer needs more than two hands & two feet


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Hey there fellow drummers!

I would be super grateful to hear some feedback about something I've never done before. I have started writing a blog about realizing an artistic idea that I have, which will put my body coordination and hand/feet independence skills into quite a test. I basically started the blog to push myself into creating, recording and releasing a piece of music that I can perform all by myself without compromise, using my drum kit and a bunch of electronic music gadgets that I own. The first blog post is about me telling my story as a drummer and musician, and what the project is all about.


The purpose is to write about how I’m overcoming the inevitable, internal and external challenges that occur along the process from the point of “nothing” to the point of “done”.

It would be wonderful to hear what you guys think about the text and the project idea itself!


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Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your pursuit!

Regarding creating and performing your own music, it depends on what your definition of music is. If you're trying to create a song, something that might be heard on the radio, that's a different thing and I don't know if the world at large (read: non-drummers) is ready for a drums-only composition.

The recording part is easy - simply use any multitrack program to layer the parts to whatever extent you like. From a performance aspect, without a backing track or loops, you will face more challenges. Then again, Terry Bozzio is certainly able to create and perform melodic music, using just drums and percussion, and his 4 limbs.

But if performing complicated pieces by yourself is the goal, you'll first have to get to the levels of Bozzio, Vinnie, etc. and then go one better. It's not impossible, they've simply set a pretty high bar, and future drummers will meet and raise that bar. Could be you!



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Maybe a few lessons now from a qualified instructor would help you get around the kit with the four limbs you and the rest of us have. Sticking patterns, will at times, leave you in the proper position for the next move without growing another arm.


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I know guys who use loop pedals and lots of creativity to make really cool music that's both live play-able, and dynamic/not boring.