What's your musical situation?


"Uncle Larry"
I'd love to hear what bands, (as in the name, if you don't mind divulging on the net) what kind of music your bands play, how many bands you are in, and/or any other more or less steady gig you may have.

Presently I am in 2 blues band, The Don Evans Band and a band called Blue Bizness.

Been in Blue Bizness since 2004, and the Don Evans band since April of 2011.

What say you?


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In my current band we call ourselves "The Mixers". We play rock, jazz, blues, and hip-hop covers and we have several originals. We will add a country tune as soon as we find a good fit. We do try to mix it up (hence the name) and play lots of styles.

Instrumentally we have guitar(s), trumpet(s), bass, keyboards, vocals, and you can guess what I play. The (s)'s are the result of the vocalist playing some guitar and bass and the bass player adds a second horn part when the vocalist plays bass.


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Great idea for a thread, I'm eager to see some of the responses :)
I'm currently in one band, made of a guitarist, bassist, a flutist (transverse flute), a keyboardist and... well me. We play anything from Billy Cobham's "Stratus" to Santana's "Oye Como Va" to Jethro Tull's "Bourrée". We don't have a name, even though we've been playing as a band for about 3 or 4 months now. Apart from that I fill in for live sessions whenever a friend needs a drummer or a percussionist :)

Lunar Satellite Brian

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I'm in a band called Lunar Satellite(.....................................)

I write all of the music which is a blessing as a drummer (which I'm about to make a thread about actually)
I think I have a link to a song I recorded in my signature.


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I'm currently in a two piece (guitar and drums) experimental rock band called Hand of Osiris. We are writing some new material right now, and are looking to gig in the next couple of months. A couple of complex tunes and some crazy jams sometimes, , but mostly solid Bonham/Dave Grohl grooves and Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss riffs that rock pretty hard. Lots of fun.

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I think most here know about my crap, but for those who don't, I play in a 5 piece rock band called "Fired Up". Lead vocals, Keys + sax + BV's, Bass + BV's, Guitar, & Drums +BV's. We play mostly rearranged rock covers + now moving to original material. By agreement, we only play out 2-3 times a month.


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I play in a rock/metal band called Revolving Door Policy. We mostly play metal, as its our common musical interest, but weve been coming up with some rock tunes and stuff at jams, we kind of roll with whatever sounds good to us.

Mike Mandaville

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I've been working up a coctail piano set. Would anyone like to accompany me on some Art Tatum? Just kidding. Not about my piano work, though. It's just that such an arrangement might prove to be somewhat challenging.


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I've been playing in a trio for the last 12 years called Jam Level 3 (guitar, bass, drums). We play light jazz fusion along the sounds of John Scofield, sprinkled with some more not so often played jazz standards (Wayne Shorter, Steve Swallow, Bill Evans, etc...). Being "fusion", elements of swing, latin, and light funk are all integrated into the music we play.

Our guitarist (Berklee Grad) writes most of the material but in doing so, delivers only a road map chart which leaves the playing and interpretation up to each of us.

For a drummer, it's very heavy on reading road maps (no written drum parts) and listening and as such - improvising.

I've also been a regular sub in a wedding/corporate party band which could mean playing with a trio or playing with a 17 piece Big Band at any one event. Musically, it's the typical party/wedding music kind of stuff.


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Many of you already know I have a hobby band, playing revamped covers of classics, mostly from the 30s, 60s and 70s. Blues, pop, light jazz and rock - a bit quirky.

Next year I hope to look for someone with which to collaborate playing experimental music ... ie. free form jamming and trying to find fresh things to do.


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Thought of training up the roach? ;)
Nice idea, Andy. I could kit Klaus up with three pairs of tap shoes, lock him in an empty concrete floor warehouse and roll the tape. Could even rig the taps up with triggers to a kick drum patch and make the metal boys sick with envy :)


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im currently in 1 working originals band, and just recently starting up 2 different covers bands, and another originals band.....


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Just left a "mostly" originals with covers thrown in band, no band name. I was the rhythm guitar player though. Hope to join or start a band as a drummer in the next few weeks


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I play in my buddies' basement every once in a while with my other half assed marginally musical friends and our wives and girlfriends have decided that our band should be called "Too Little Too Late" as if we are ever goung to have a real gig which might require a band name.

That is where I picked my name for this forum, incidentally. It is somewhat of a question althought I left that out of the name when I signed up. I wonder if it is for me every time I see my name on here.

Real name is Ben incidentally, should anyone actually care.


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Current bands:

"Weird Al" Yankovic - multiple styles
Rip Masters - country, roots, rockabilly
Idle Hands - electric blues
Karling Abbeygate - Americana
Zero G Band - pop/rock/classic covers

And occasional sit-ins with:
Brian Sisson - surf/jazz/ecclectic
Choyce - rock

There's very little scheduling conflict between the bands, it's rare that I have to turn something down, although I obviously defer to Al's tour dates and the other bands get plenty of notice that they'll need subs.



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I play in our church's worhip team twice a week. It is Christain Family Worship Center in Mansura, Louisiana. I am also in a blues band called Crossroad Connetion. It is two guitars, bass, and drums (me). We all sing, with me doing the most singing. We play Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana, Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Allman Brothers, and some blues classics, such as "The Thrill Is Gone". Peace and Goodwill.

Midnite Zephyr

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I've got two guitar player friends I'm trying to get a blues band together with. It's hard to find time to practice with everybody's schedule the way it is. I don't know if it will pan out. Right now I have to do the singing too so we have to look for songs that I can sing because I'm a baritone. I can sing Hank Williams OK. We also have to find a good bass player. Other than that, one of the guitarists has a solo project he wants to record and have me plays drums on it. As far as playing in another band, probably not for awhile, I'm fed up with joining any established band right now because my living situation hasn't been stable since this recession started.


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I currently play in:

Artificial Agent --4 piece Hard rock, stuff is on YouTube, iTunes etc...

Class Three Overbite --Rock, 5 piece band, 6 if we have keyboard (also on YouTube, etc...)

Stiff Competition--Cheap Trick Tribute

A newer, as of yet un-named Blues/Hard Blues 3 piece.


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I play drums for the Michael Carlos Band, fronted by a singer-songwriter and with a revolving cast of other musicians. It's original indie rock with a lot of Latin mixed in, running the gamut of styles (a little 70's style metal, a little ska, a little country, a little swing). Our covers range from Hendrix and the Clash to Mana, Juanes, and Los Lobos. We do about 15-20 gigs a year. And then for 3-4 weeks a month, I play in a local church's worship team (drums, bass, or percussion as needed). Then I do sit-ins and subs around town on request.