What's your latest purchase?


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Pearl Demonator double pedal. $205 out the door at Guitar Canter. Time for this old dog to learn some new tricks. If you need me I'll be climbing the learning curve.



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Rolls PM55P Tried it at rehearsal last week and love it. I can hear my vocals better than ever and I can here the rest of the band over my acoustic drums so much better! Trying it at a gig Saturday.

Here is the pic I meant to include. It met my needs as a monitor for earbuds and a mic pass thru so I can hear my vocals. Plus it has a limiter.



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How is it to play?
Haven't played it properly yet, I'm working at the moment :( but it has a lovely bright sound - almost sparkly!

I was pretty sure I wanted it, but to be on the safe side I went to a different manufacturer's stand to see whether there was anything there that I liked better. There might have been, but the salesman completely ignored me and only spoke to my male companion, even when the latter indicated that I was the customer, not him. So I went back to Cymbalise where I felt considerably more welcome, and bought myself a cymbal.


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Great to do business again with Cymbalise at the Manchester Drum Show yesterday :) BEAUTIFUL 16" crash.

And I have a couple of pairs of 8As to try now. Pellwood, a brand I hadn't heard of, but they seem just right for me.


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Just completed an ebay transaction for a brand new Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface, XLR cables, and the Shure DMK57-52 mic kit...$800 and free shipping.


The seller looks legit:


I'm so pleased this part of the research is over with :) This is going to take me to a new level in my playing AND my videos!!! Watch out Andre!!



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This piece of junk. It's sold on NewEgg as a tablet clamp/mount that will fit on a microphone stand or cymbal stand so you can see your playlist at the gig and/or connect an e-kit via USB or midi and play with the sounds.

Not only does the clamp part not lock into place, the attachment arm doesn't fit most cymbal stands and when I tried to attach it to something that was the right size - an accessory rod - the screw stripped. The thing is worthless. I'm waiting to hear back from NewEgg about it now.



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We do but this isn't the place for it. Start a new thread.

Just got a new pair of Westone UM3 PRO IEM's to replace my 10 year old UM2's. Smokin hot deal so I can't wait to hear what I've been missing all these years with triple drivers.
Well, thank you there Mr. Blisco......



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They don't call you 'tophat' for nothing. :)

Trying to save for 'Murica but had to replace the coilpacks and air filter in my S15 silvia. Pretty boring.
I've now completed my hi hat collection:

14 UFIP Natural, Original, Extatic, Brilliant, Bionic
15 UFIP Class, Natural top to use with the Class bottom

And my final two cymbal purchases for the year, a 22 UFIP Bravo Medium Ride, and a 21 Experience Vintage Collector Ride in the Bionic Finish


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Trying to save for 'Murica but had to replace the coilpacks and air filter in my S15 silvia. Pretty boring.
Nah, the S15 Silvia is a cool ride. My non musical boring purchase of late was a new front end for the wife's car. A suicide deer jumped out in front of her. She now has new head lights, turn signals, header panel, and grill. The car looks like a car again.

New Tricks

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I needed two inputs for my stage monitor so, instead of dragging 100 pounds of powered monitors to the gig, I picked up this 6" X 12", 7 pound wonder.