What's YOUR favorite rudiment?


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What's YOUR favorite rudiment?

Just wondering, and thought it'd be cool to share.

Mines a paradiddle. I can't really say why exactly, but I remember it used to be a challenge for me and then I overcame it and got really good at it and took a special liking to it.
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I have been tinkering with the reverse paradiddle lately (RRLR LLRL). Six stroke roll and swiss triplets are my forever favorites.


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I really like the six stroke roll in triplet form. It just seems to pop into my playing all the time without me trying, and it just sounds so.. smooth. aw yeah.


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For practising and warm up it has to be a five stroke roll. But then played as a triplet starting on the accent or 5. RllrrLrrllRllrrLrrllR. With some practice you can really get a good feel for rebound and grip and it's not to hard to get it up to speed. Plus it's very usefull in every day playing, because you can easily convert it to a 7 or longer roll.


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There have been similar threads before... but why not reboot.

My favourite rudiment is still the paradiddle.

That one has really helped me hitting good speed (took a while). Now I'm reprogramming the motions to get it cleaner though. Also took up working on the other paradiddle variations. The standard paradiddle is also great to get my hands in sync if I'm feeling that single stroke rolls are getting uneven - I wold insert a few rounds of the PD and have good sync again.

PD and variations is what I'm also doing for warm-up. From those 4 PD variations I find that the one starting with the pull-out notes is by far the hardest.

I also came to like the "8D" hybrid rudiment from Gary Chaffee, learned this one from Todd Sucherman's 1st DVD. It's basically "singles to doubles" - same amount of singles followed by the same amount of doubles. I'm usually starting with 8+8 and get it up to 4+4 (harder). 6+6 is great because hands are switching all the time.


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Another vote for 5 stroke roll, but my personal favs are also doubles, Ratamacue and of course the good old paradiddle.


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I tend to play a whole lot of slurred 6 stroke rolls. My other thought to answer this question is tu-charles though.

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My favourite is the single stroke roll followed shortly by the paradidlle, I like the six stroke roll too, especially around the whole kit with hands and foot, flams is another fav as well.


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Currently I'm digging the Swiss Army Triplet, sounds great around the kit. You can also make it more challenging and have more variety by moving the accent around.

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all the flam and drag rudiments. and, of course, para diddles, and all the permutations, and their poly rhythmic variations. that's about it. :)