What's the song and drummer that made you want to play drums?


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Seeing Phil Collins and Chester Thompson playing the "Drum Duet" at Knebworth '92. Dad was a big Genesis fan.

Instant awe and wonder. I started lessons the week after. 20 years later, I'm still doing it :)


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Bill Ward of Black Sabbath... The tune "Rat Salad" on the record paranoid, hands down one of the most unappreciated classic rock drum solos ever.


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Well, I picked up drums because my best friend in school played guitar. I picked up the bass and became okay at it, but it never really flicked my switch. One day we got the idea that it would sound more like a band if i were to play the drums instead, and so that's how it started. It was the early 80's and between Van Halen and the second wave of British heavy metal, I was all into flash and style, and not much about chops.

Then one night I happened to be staying up past my bedtime and caught Louie Bellson on the Tonight Show. Mind = blown.

it occurred to me that if I got serious about the drums and stuck with them for the next 50-someodd years, I might stand a chance of being nearly as good as that guy.

Halfway through that 50-someodd years, I don't know if I'll ever be that good, but I'm making money, having fun, and feeling good that I'm still playing.