Whats the Jazz you're listening to right now?


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Borrowing DB's idea, but making it specific to Jazz, and triggered by frustration at my idiotic & robotic responses when young players come up to me asking me what they should listen to ( with me rattling off the predictable 'classics' like the ten commandments or something...) I thought this might be a good idea..........

I'll start:


Martin Valihora is a Slovakian monster..........you have to check him out.



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Right now, as I type this, Sonny Rolllins.

Yesterday, I put in the old standby, Giant Steps (Coltrane, for the jazz illiterates). Man, that's a good album.

When I want kids to get a taste for jazz, we'll listen to a few examples during their lesson, and gauge their responses to see what they could get into. Mostly, it's Art Blakey or Coltrane or Milt Jackson.


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Aydee! Good to see you

I'm diggin' the Hank Paulson avatar--big fan, eh?

Some things I've been revisiting lately...

Paul Motian's "Bill Evans" CD (w/ Frisell, Lovano, and Marc Johnson)
Dave Holland's "Extensions" (w/ Smitty Smith, Kevin Eubanks, Steve Coleman)
John Scofield's "Time on My Hands" (w/ Jack, Lovano, and Charlie Haden)



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Right now I`m listening to (or more or less watching) "Triple 20", a song by the "Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet".
An amazing tune and just incredible sounding musicians. It`s with Cory Cox on drums, he`s such a great sounding musician.
And not just that, the whole band sounds killer.

Here`s the video by the way:


Really, Karl? That's neat, because I've been listening to these guys for a while now as well. I've talked to Brian Chahley on the internet a few times and I saw a video of him playing live with this other group with some other musicians and these guys can really play and Corey is such a damn good player.

Other than that, I've been listening to Wayne Shorter's Quartet a lot lately. I really dig their stuff.

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Right now I'm re-listening to some old sides of the Will Bradley/Ray Mckinley band circa 1939-1941. Great big band boogie. Next up is the Dave Weckl Band cd "Transition". After that, who knows.


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Mccoy Tyner's "The Real Mccoy".

I was listening to "A Love Supreme" all last week, both albums have Mccoy and Elvin Jones cutting sick together.

Mccoy's solo on the 2nd track of Love Supreme is very similar to the first track of Real Mccoy. Check it out, you'll see what I mean. He does this brilliant chord pedal within his solo on tracks, and I love.


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Tigran Hamasyan ("new era" and "world passion" albums)
Hiromi Uehara ("spiral" album)
Brad Mehldau ("house on hill" and "Art of the trio Vol. 1" albums)

But, to me, those are not really "jazz"

I also just received this
Coltrane ("best of coltrane")


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I'm REALLY diggin' Bobby Hutcherson's Oblique. Such beautiful playing from Herbie Hancock and Bobby himself - there's quite a haunting edge to that album as well, especially on the title track and last one - Bi-Sectional.
Joe Chambers is too good on this one - the way he way he builds and phrases is something else.


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Wow, I've been listening to a lot of the same stuff people are listing.

Jason Moran: Artist in Residence
Dafnis Prieto Taking the Soul for a Walk
Charles Lloyd Rabo de Nube
Oregon 1000 Kilometers

been catching up with Dave Holland ('all Stan's fault') and McCoy Tyner, who I will see this weekend

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Mccoy Tyner's "The Real Mccoy".
I love that album, and I especially love the way that Elvin Jones plays on it! Aside from that, I've been listening to the Ahmad Jamal Trio's "Cross Country Tour '58-'61"; Listening to Vernel Fournier's brush playing is a masterclass in its own right!