What's the best things about your playing?

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I don't mind being "just the drummer"

I can happily play simple music that sounds good and be fulfilled that I'm a part of it.


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I'm pretty good at playing rudiments and I love to export them around the kit - fun stuff. But, I've never been 'tested' as in NARD etc. Maybe that would humble me haha. My single, double and tripple strokes are not bad. I have a ton of fun just playing this stuff by the hour in my old age.


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The best part of my playing is keeping good time. I also listen to the other musicians and try to compliment them.


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Well I am working toward being the rail upon which all the other members of the band can ride! I am feeling pretty good about keeping time and for the most part being very solid on the down beat. I also like to have fun and am told I look like I am having fun when playing. I always feel like I look like a stoic old curmudgeon! I don't over play either, maybe under play for many tastes.


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I've got a good attitude.

I know. It sounds unimportant - maybe even self-effacing - but there's a reason the guys I play with want to continue playing with me, and I'm pretty sure it ain't my chops.


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One of the best things about my playing is my ability to play fast passages in time and in proper musical context. This should also indicate what one of the worst aspects of my playing has been over the years but i think i have the overplaying under control for the most part. Random jams after the 4th minute notwithstanding of course.