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Any ideas? I'm thinking about selling my Roland td-6v (something like that) electric drum set and I haven't a clue what it's worth. Just hoping someone would have an idea.
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Just search e-bay and look at the already sold listings. You'll see a very realistic idea of what people are actually willing to pay.


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Yeah, not to gang up on you or anything, but those first 2 replies are just about your best option. Just search your kit on the completed listings and you'll see what it, or kits similar to it have been going for. You may have spent quite a bit more for it than you might get for it, but if it's not an in demand sort of item, well, as my friend down in Chinatown says- that's just how the egg rolls...

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To the OP, you have a great group here, more than willing to collectively help and educate those in need and those that want to consider opinions when they are requested. Agree the first two replies were the best and you'll find the very search result posted in another. Patience = Score! You got your answer 70 mins after posting, so what do you say??

(Good luck selling your gear, hope you get a good and fair price for it.)


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Before criticizing the responses which is kind of rude, it may help if you know exactly what you are asking about. A TD-6v or something like that???Find out what it actually is.


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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it due to current market conditions. Right now it is a buyers market. This means that you will be lucky if you sell it! The used market is loaded with musical instruments. The world economy is in shambles and the sell prices on used musical gear reflect it.


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A TD-6V kit (something like that) is maybe worth $300 on a good day. The module is probably $175 of that. The pads (hard rubber) are ~$20 each, the cymbals are maybe $15 each and the rack is basically free.