What to make out of this?!


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Hi everyone, new around here.

Anyway I swapped some cheap guitar stuff for some snare drums and odds and ends earlier today. One piece I'm most intrigued by is a 14" (diameter) by 15.5" (depth) raw Keller maple shell.

I am reasonably competent at woodwork (built two guitars (bodies from scratch) and have access to a routing table.

I would like to try my hand at making some drums. I figure I could get three snare drums out of it and am trying to decide what depths to do. I'm thinking a 6", a 5", and a 4" (the 0.5" will be lost to the saw.

What do you guys think?


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Why not. A bit of fun and you'd end up with three custom snares to pick and choose from.

It's worth noting that 6.5" deep is a very common snare size. If you didn't want to waste that extra 1/2 inch you could just divide it into 6.5", 5" and a 4".....that way you'd have a snare to cover pretty much everything. No real drama either way though.


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Sounds good to me. Maybe two 7's. Anyway you will lose the width of the blade per cut. Have fun.