What to Look for in A New Drum Set?


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I started playing around 1 and a half years ago. I just moved to the UK and didn't have time to have the military ship my old drums with me. I was playing on a Yamaha dtx 500 kit because I was living in an on base dormitory..

Now that I have a house, some experience and a bit more money I was wondering if I could get some good incite as to what drums I should be looking at.. Here's some more details

I play primarily music that falls in to the Metal genre. My primary influences are Jason Costa(All That Remains) and Chris Adler(Lamb of God). So I would like a good "Metal" kit if that even exist. I've read that mapel is the best wood for that and heads make the most difference. If that's the case than what heads?
Also, what cymbals tend to be the more durable?

As far as price goes I'm looking at spending no more than $1500. I might be able to stretch that a little.