What time signature is this?


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I think it's a total of 22 eight notes (if you follow the guitar, it's divided into 10 and 12), and I would count them in two bars like this (following the guitar riff):

1-and-a 2-and-a 3-i-and-A | 1-and-a 2-and-a 3-and-a 4-and-a :|

or like this:

1-and-a 2-and-a 3-and-4-AND | 1-and-a 2-and-a 3-and-a 4-and-a :|

I don't know the american way of counting (what letters/syllables/etc/whatever), so this is my translation from norwegian in "my way of counting".. But I think it's the correct number of notes anyway =)