What Song Brings You the Most Pleasure when Playing It?

Mike Stand

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I am really very tempted to post a naughty reply with lots of innuendo.

I mean, the way the question is phrased is just asking for it...

But I shall be a good boy and not annoy the mods...


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"Need Your Love So Bad". So much supportive reticence, plenty of spaces, and right at the end a self-indulgence-fest.


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I'm not the biggest Foo fighter fan, but recently I've been playing through like the whole first half of "wasting light". Favorite track I have fun with is either white limo or the first one with the long snare roll that includes crashes at the beginning.


"Uncle Larry"
Regular life, pleasure factor is say 5.

Playing a gig, pleasure factor is double that. Doesn't matter what song.

I couldn't pick one anyway, I like different things about different songs. It's all good.


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In my band we play "Love Shack", which I sing (controlled shout) on.

Man, it's such fun. I've got the cowbell going on 3's and 3-and's on alternating bars in the verse, the interplay between the female and male voices on that song is real fun, and it's just a plain feelgood song. Very few bands seem to play it, and it usually gets people engaged 'cause it's a real party song.

Love it to bits.

Second fave is prolly "Back On The Chain Gang". Nice little fills throughout the song and it really suits our lead vocalist's voice, so it's pure chocolate.

Third fave is "One Way Or Another". It's a fun song throughout, and our technique to end it is to just speed up and speed up until everything collapses into anarchy.

Awwwww man, I couldn't pick just one!


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"Need Your Love So Bad". So much supportive reticence, plenty of spaces, and right at the end a self-indulgence-fest.
Sorry to sound ignorant, but do you mean the one that was covered by Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, and the Allman Brothers? If so, which one are you closest to?

I want to have fun, too!

Oh, edit to add:

So many fun songs! Lately, it's Cream "Sunshine of Your Love" (I love those jungle toms!) and one of our originals, "Crossroads of the Pacific." Which none of you have heard.


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"Smooth" by Santana. I love those latin beats but Smooth is my fave. So much you can do trying to fill in for all the percussion but keep the great groove.


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I've enjoyed playing a hell of a lot of material over the years, but ultimately the greatest pleasure has always come from original projects. Simply because I've written, collaborated, arranged, crafted, shaped or otherwise created my own parts for them. I'm an active participant in the creative process as opposed to relying on a pre-existing framework.

Covers have definitely brought plenty fun and great enjoyment......and they sure as hell pay a lot better too. But at the end of the day, I'm just copying someone else's musical expression. My greatest pleasure has always come from something I've have an active role in creating myself.


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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Deja Voodoo and Blue on Black

Just listening to these songs puts me in my happy place let alone playing along to them. Although I am not proficient enough to capture everything just yet. Getting there though ��
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I have lots of songs that playing to give me lots of pleasure, those change often but the one song I still love playing along to occasionally after all these years is 'Hey Joe' by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

It's just a really fun song to play around to. A nice mid-tempo groove plus plenty of spaces to try and copy Mitch Mitchell's triplets. One you can relax but also stretch out to.

Sure I could think of more but that comes to mind straight away.

Mount Saint Elle'ns

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"Respect," by Aretha
"Hotel California" (Thank you James for giving me this idea!)
"Stray Cat Strut," "Rock This Town," and "Jump Jive," by Setzer/Stray Cats.
"The Story," by Brandi Carlile
'Ex's and Oh's," by Elle King
"Put A Lid On It," by Squirrel Nut Zippers
"Up Around the Bend," by CCR.
"Sugar," by Maroon 5
"Jailhouse Rock," by Elvis
"Beautiful Girls," by Sean Kingston

Quite a mix, eh?


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Most recently, my favorite has been trying my best to imitate Gene Krupa on "Sing Sing Sing" with the University Jazz Band.