What snare?


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Hi there all!
Kinda new to this forum and new to drumming; got myself a Premier resonator kit wit deep sizes, and was wondering what snare(14x6,5"?5"?6"?...) to use with this. I was thinking a Sonor steel snare like they made in the eighties with the 24 tension screws, dunno the model number, or a Tama bronze, Ludwig Black Beauty..? suggestions anyone? Does anyone has experience using the Tama tension watch? Thanks for sharing, all! Greeeeeeettzzz Filip


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+1 on the Black Beauty. If cost is a consideration (those aren't cheap) there's a half dozen BB knock-offs out there that are excellent at about half the price. Hard to go wrong with a brass snare.

6.5x14 is my favorite.

Joshua Barrett

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Im also trying to find the right snare for my newly arriving Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz in Walnut Glaze.

Im trying to find a warm sounding snare, similar to that of Ronnie Vanucci's of the Killers Craviotto snare. But obviously not a craviotto because of the price.

Any suggestions on a snare which would complement rock, jazz, alternative music? and would also look and sound great with my kit?
Snares are dif. the best investment for your drumset. my friend owns over 7 snares and changes them out when switching styles of music. IMO find out what kind of sound you want to achieve then come up with a price range that your willing to pay. 200-300 will get you a decent snare drum such as pork pie.


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Considering that the Black Beauty could be the best sounding snare ever made, I would go with that.