What kind of kit would you get a 10 year old?


My son is really getting into hitting my drums as of late. The only issue is that the seat is too high even at the lowest setting although he can reach the pedals. I'm thinking of getting him his own "smaller" kit. Would I be better just buying a smaller Kick drum and supplement it with snare/toms/hardware from my other kit so the rest of the kit will be lower or do I buy him a toy kit?


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Don't get one of the tiny kids' sets. The First Act sets from Toys R Us are pretty good, and extremely cheap if you find one on Craigslist.


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I would be tempted to build him a little kit from odd drums, say a 16x16 floor tom as a bass drum, with 10 and 13 toms and a 12 or 13 in snare and smaller, but pro line cymbals. If I had the money that is. The kit can then grow with him, or if he loses interest, as inevitably some kids do, nice little practice/small gig kit for you. You could build it fairly cheaply from orphan toms bought from ebay or craigslist.


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Any number of kits out there, have 16 and 18 inch kick drums. If you're at all a DIY kinda guy, turn a 16 or 18 inch floor tom into a kick. Dunnett makes a kit to do that, as do several other manufacturers. Add a 12" rack, and a 14" floor (or whatever similar sizes you have)... and bam ... small drum kit.​




I built this small kit out of extra Mapex Saturn pieces. Turned an 18 floor, into a bass. Sounded great. This way you give him a small kit, but with a great sound. I would never recommend a cheap new beginner's kit. Use some of your good stuff and put something together. LIke others have said, He might loose interest, and your outlay won't be too great.



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My 7 year old plays a full sized kit that is just adjusted way down. Even my 4 year old can play a basic backbeat on it. I would go regular sized. Maybe a cheaper used kit so you dont get killed on re-sale. Maybe a new kit for you and give him the old one.....


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Just find something used you can get a used Pearl Export for next to nothing..lol
but they're cheap decent sounding drums.

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