What kind of drummer are you?


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The kind that, when it finally comes time to laying it down- cannot accept the fact, that those difficult fills won't be compromised with easier sticking.

It's almost as bad as OCD... No, seriously.

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good technique does'nt mean that you are a good musician.....remember that.....some of the greats had "bad" technique
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I suppose I'll go with the 'Impulse Drummer' thing.

I've always said I'm more of a 'Busking Drummer'. I've never had any form of lessons, can't read music, know very little technical details, I just sit behind my kit and play. It's more instinctive than anything else - I play whatever I feel suits the music and my mood at the time.

I'm really critical about my playing; I don't think I'm very good at all and hate playing by myself as everything I try just sounds bloody awful to me.

Put me in a room with a guitarist or band and most of the time I can pick up on the vibe and lay down something half decent by feel.

The bass player in my current band tells me I'm the best drummer he's played with in the 30-odd years he's been playing (rock, punk & metal, mostly) which is a great compliment, but makes me wonder just how bad these other guys were, lol.


I was a fed up guitarist that became a drummer. I was sick and tired of lazy drummers and i wanted to become the drummer i always wanted in a band:) And the number one rule a gave myself was to never bitch about moving and setting up my own kit for shows:)


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I love to think I'm more along the 'musician' side of things, however, I'm probably more of the 'jack of all trades' type.

it also appears I've joined this conversation way too late, so I'm going to go sit in my rocking chair in the corner and talk to myself...


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A hard hitting funk/rock groove drummer who's hopelessly addicted to using effects cymbals to spice up simple beats. Maybe it's some form of ADD, but it kills me to sit back and play just bass/snare for too long. I'll always land up wanting to use assorted ice bells, splashes or domes to accent the bass or snare hits. On top of that, I love throwing in stray quick patterns at random on the hats to spice things up.

I also believe I'm awful at drumming, regardless of what anyone says.


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An old "never was" drummer that used to be a jack of all trades, but after a many year layoff is now a bloody awful recreational drummer. Biggest concern now is laying down a good solid groove. Trying to re-build chops and re-learn how to read music. Don't know that it'll help much, because I never try to copy note-for-note what anyone else plays. I could never play in a tribute band where every nuance has to be like the original.

And I am a gear junkie with no dough to scratch the itch.

I also play a little guitar, but that's worse than my drumming.

Maybe there should be a category for "Jack of NO trades."