What kind of drum or set to get 5 year old daughter who love drums?


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I actually love acoustic drums and kind of greatly dislike electronic drums myself.The only reason I even suggested electronics was the OP said his wife wasn't a big fan of music being played during the day,especially percussion.So I thought playing acoustic drums during the day may exacerbate that dislike to a point where it become a critical issue.

I have first hand experience in a similar situation,so I figuered its a compromise,and at least you're getting your foot in the door.

Steve B


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If the wife isnt into the sound of instruments in the house,then a cheap drum kit may not be the answer.May as well be trash can lids and five gallon buckets...that will really get the wife moody.

I would recommend a xylophone.They come in different styles so you can find a quiet solution with say wood based models.The child instantly has something that is in tune all the time...so she will learn pitch.She will also learn that you have to hit a certain note to get the sound she wants,instead of just thrashing on the drums for 3 minutes and walking away.Most importantly,she will learn how to use sticks accurately.

You can get sets like this used for under 100 bucks,and she will be able to use it when she starts percussion in grade school...or its a good investment that will keep its value if she decides its not for her.


this set comes with a practice pad