What kind of a drumkit should I get? (Film Score)


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Hello, I am very interested in film music, and I hope to become a film score composer in the future. At the moment I have a Yamaha DTXpress IV drumkit at home. But I am looking to purchase an acoustic drumkit. I do want to record my drumming in the future and maybe add it to a composition so basically my question is, what kind of a drumkit should I get?

The sound of the toms are very important in this scenario, but think of the big picture. (Imagine quite orchestral-ish sound)

The price is not an issue.

Duck Tape

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Historically, birch is the chosen shell for recording but it doesn't have to be.

I can imagine some tribal/jungle music being played on the toms in film scores, and for that you would need bigger sizes, so maybe a kit with 10 and 12 rack toms, 14 and 16 floor toms.

You don't have to spend the earth on the drums but for cymbals you won't want to cut corners. And it's personal, we talk about this stuff all day, there is no final answer.


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There are many possibilities, but here is one that will indisputably, unassailably work great:

Ludwig Legacy Classic drum kit. Configuration is up to you. I have 14x20 bass drum, 8x12 rack tom and 14x14 floor tom (a very classic, traditional set up). The toms are amazing.
6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum.
Cymbals are more complicated, and they all sound very different. Maybe the Bosphorus Traditional line.

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I think if you're really gonna end up doing a lot of recording for films, then you'll be living out here in Los Angeles where they do the majority of the work. You could buy a kit, but depending on what the composers want, I'd have a healthy relationship with S.I.R. and Pro Drum and rent what you need. And this will be after you've made friends with Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro, Larry Bunker, and Harvey Mason and got on their lists of subs they'd call if they couldn't make a session ;)


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I like the sound of moving to Los Angeles :D and thanks for the tips, please, feel free to come with even more suggestions. I appreciate them all!