What is Mangini's hi hat thingie in this video?


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They are attractive, but keep the "Cons" in mind:

- expensive
- generally have a slight lag; the response isn't as quick as a normal stand because the pedal is connected to the clutch via cable
- you may become reliant on it, and then have even more trouble playing a "standard" setup when you have to (lessons, backline kits, studios, etc)


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Yeah, and as someone who used a remote hi-hat for a few years, I'd add this:

- You may get sick of tearing down, transporting, and setting up the remote hats when you move your kit, play a gig, or whatever

You have to clamp it onto something else... positioning can be difficult.... and there is just NO way to neatly pack up a remote hat setup into your vehicle without taking it apart (not feasible to do with the DW remote hat I used to play with. Maybe some other ones are easier to take apart). It's just going to take up a ton of room.

A straight hat stand is so much easier to deal with. This kind of thing might not be a factor for you, haroldo_psf, but for me it was.


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Who says the drums aren't a musical instrument? Mangini produces more sounds than a whole troupe of Stompers. I love the facial expressions too. He can do more with one hand than I can do with 2 hands and 2 feet.

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Holy frijoles Batman! That guy's single strokes are just off the chain.

I'm guessing he plays that Pearl RH-2000. He supposedly helped design it. There's a member here that makes a remote HH product. I haven't personally used it but I've heard very good things about it. It's not gonna give you as much flexibility as the Pearl but the response is a bit tighter. http://remotespeedyhat.com/