What happened to Drumforum.org?


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Their "host" wigged out again...so the site will be down for sometime. Rats!... :(

The server kept crashing due to the uses of DFO, taking other sites on the same server with it, so they have to get a dedicated server JUST for DFO, OR a new web host entirely. It might be a while.

Facebook has a DFO group, if you'd like to join to keep informed.
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They got a new server host.
Account is up and ready and eck is working on the migration.
As of 2/13, It looks like it'll be about 24-48 hours before DFO is up again at which point we can all go home and sleep in our own snuggly little beds again.
Also, for those that lean heavy on their favourites list, THE OLD BOOKMARKS WON'T WORK, because of the new server, so you'll have to look up the site and re-bookmark it.
Apparently, the new server is going to be a fairly expensive proposition, so anyone willing, donations will be (more than) gladly accepted.
I understand one of the moderators is currently working on a yearly fund drive event, to help keep the site going.

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Yes, I noticed it started working again yesterday evening (my time zone), but at the time I made the post the site was down.



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Damn... My joke was lost. You see, I was real crafty and inserted a link to drummerworld there, but just called it something else. It was quite funny to me at the time, but now alas the joke is vanquished.


DFO seems to be down again...since last night in fact. Does anybody knows? Hoping isn't a problem with my PC, tho!...



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I think it has been bought as a Drummerworld subsidiary due to this countries bail out. Check the General Motors website. Look under Drummerworld, DBA Drummerworld Suisse.