What got you passionate about drums


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My parents always listened to a ton of music, and growing up in Yugoslavia, I got to hear a lot of rhythmically diverse stuff, which got me interested in rhythm. I also always liked how everyone was always playing one thing, but the drummer seemed to play three or four distinct things at once, with distinct voices. That was way cool. Then, in about the fourth grade we had a very basic music class, where we learned how to play a basic rock beat using the drum sounds on a casio keyboard. That's when I started tapping on myself and my surroundings like an addict. Never picked up the drums 'til college, 'cause of all the moving around and refugee-ism we had to do. My stoner mexican buddy Tovar played bass freshman year and bought a drumset in case anyone ever wanted to jam with him...that was five years ago, and it's been awesome ever since.


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When I first started playing drums to music. That was it for me. Since then playing hours a day would be ideal, where way back then my mother forced me to play 10 minutes.

jay norem

As a child I was passionate about music. My parents, especially my mother, always played records, the Beatles and the Beach Boys and all that. Also some classical and my father had a few Dixieland records that he'd play.
Somehow I guess I saw the drums as my entry point into the world of music. I don't know why exactly, but I do remember being impressed with the fact that drummers had more stuff than anyone else! And those pictures of drum kits in the Sear's catalog were cool to look at. I could see myself doing that for some reason.
Then my mother took me to a Beach Boys concert in Durham, North Carolina. There was Dennis Wilson bashing his Roger's kit. That's what made up my mind. I watched him and I just knew that this was something I'd be able to do.


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Drums...just their look their sound their ability to move a song a long....and I had Ringo, Rich, Bonham to help shape me as I grew up!


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Stewart Copeland. Just couldn't get to grips with the drum sound on Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, and Ghost In The Machine remains one of my favourite albums. The more I looked into this guy the more I had to learn to drum. After that...Joe Morello from my Dad's jazz records, and Sly Dunbar. I believe playing drums in a reggae band is the most fun a human being can have.


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Nobody else around me or in my family or any of my friends could or wanted to play drums.

When I was 10 and in the 5th grade I saw this 8th grader who had a black diamond pearl slingerland drum set. He was in their junior high school jazz band. This guy could play like nothing I ever saw. And he had a bunch of friends and all the girls liked him. I went home that day and told my parents "I want to be a drummer!". I got a drum set the Christmas I turned 11. The rest is history!!


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I think when i started learning more about music than just rhythm is what got me passionate about drums more than ever...Kinda strange.


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i was about 9 years old and was playing guitar.i made a freind across the street and he invited me in one day .down in his basement was a double kick ludwig set of drums in oyster pearl finish (i later bought them) it was a 1960 s kit.i fell in love with drums, traded in my guitar and got my parents to by me a set of rogers.i learned pretty women by Roy Orboson and the adventure began .i am now waiting for my Gretsch usa custom kit that i ordered .it will be her soon.life is so good.