What do you fellow drummers think?!


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You got some decent chops goin on there.
I see that, "You're To Sexy for Your Shirt" as the pop song goes.
You should move this thread to the My Playing section.
What kind of kit are you going to buy when you sell this one?


hahaha, hey man, its summer. I need to enjoy this while i can, i hear winter in boston is frigid.

Im not sure ill be able to buy a new set for some time. Im going to the Berklee College of music in the fall and i could just really use the extra money.

Itll be sad to see it go, but next year ill be in a one bdrm apartment with three other students, so its not like ill have a ton of room to store my kit anyways.

Ive always wanted a dw kit, maybe by the time i graduate ill be worthy of one =)

The practice rooms at berklee are amazing though, itll hold me off till i can afford a new drumset.


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I've visited Berklee Boston several times. It is a great place. I never attended, but I currently play with several musicians that did. I enjoy playing with them. They have given me a Berklee education for free over the years! I ask them questions about music all the time! LOL! Enjoy yourself next year while you're there! Best wishes! New England is a Damp Cold, Not like Co. I love skiing at Steamboat. I love that Champagne Powder. Wait until you ski New England, Are you in for a surprise! Check out Smuggler's Notch Vermont while you are here. That's where I hang out in winter.
BTW, Boston is my fav city! Go Red SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!