what do u think is necessary

what do u think is necessary to be a good drummer musician :

1. best tutor
2. freedom of sound
3. best band
4. best equipment



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due to your use of the word "best", only number 2. is remotely necessary. However, being a good tutor, being in a good band, and having good equipment can only help you along the way.


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To me, being a good drummer means that you play what the music calls for, and you work well with the other musicians in the band.

Playing with a good band can help you become an even better drummer. The same can be said for having a good tutor (or teacher).

Good equipment has never made anyone a better drummer. However, good equipment can make you sound better, and can inspire you to play better.

Not sure what you mean by "freedom of sound".
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Yes, I was going to mention that, actually.
this aint a joke people. better get focused on whats been asked.. if u have got sumthing to tell. please


by freedom of sound.. i meant to say.. the freedom to make sound.

i have lots of sound problems.. actually... all of the mentioned 4 problems :p

i have beared 3 police complains from my neighbours in last 6 months!


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The short list of what I think is necessary is:
Practice, practice,and more practice
Play with real live musicians asap, and if you want to get good faster, record yourself and listen back. Critique yourself and make adjustments.

This assumes you understand the role of the drummer within an ensemble situation, and that you aren't just a caveman basher.


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"Best equipment" is light years away from what makes a good drummer.

Sure, it's nice and I'm happy for people to spend whatever the hell they want on gear. But it certainly doesn't maketh the player. If you can't do it, you can't do it........doesn't matter how much you spend. To believe it does, is to fool oneself.


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Out of your list, I'd have to say 'freedom of sound' - I suppose.

To me, the utopia for a drummer would be -
Someone who can play exactly what they're thinking about, especially in real-time. Also, someone who can think creatively. If you can think of a really crafty drum fill, beat, etc, even one you haven't done before, and perform it exactly how you thought it out (with dynamics and all that jazz) then I'd say you're a very good drummer. Being able to think ahead and perform, no matter how complex (within reason) is a cool thing. In order to do this correctly you would need -
- Superior limb independence
- Good sense of dynamics
- Solid timing
- Superior technique

There you go.


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