What are YOUR favorite drum heads? ... And why?


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Remo coated ambassador on snare. It's a perfectly natural blank slate without any tweaking to the sound built in.

Coated emperor tom batters and clear ambassador underneath. These sound great with a bit of rounding off such that they're likely to sound good even with imperfect tuning.

Powerstroke 4 on bass drum. These are pretty pre-tuned and just sound great, it's hard to screw up the bass drum sound with these on there.


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Evans G2 coated over G1 clear for the toms and 300 hazy under an Evans Genera HD dry snare batter. EQ3 batter on the bass drum with my Gretsch resonant head. Why because Evans are the best thing going.
.....+1, exactly what I'm running....love 'em


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I've been 100% pleased with Evans over the 11 years I've been using them.

My favorite snare batter is the Super Tough, a coated head that's surprisingly lively for a 2-ply. Depending on the particular drum and its use, I also like a coated G1. Snare side is the Hazy 300.

Kick is almost always an EMAD - clear on my Ludwig Keystones, coated on the Legacies. Reso varies depending on the size, but is usually an EQ3 ported.

I've been experimenting with tom heads lately. and have a few new faves. On my Legacies, the Strata 1000 is a really sweet head. It's basically a G1 (10mil) with a slight texture, so it falls right between a clear and a coated. It's not normally carried in stores, so it has to be ordered. On my Keystones, I like the G Plus Clear (12mil) on my local kits, and the G14 Clear (14mil) on my touring kit. Both are 1-ply, and sound great for being a 'thick' head. I'd always assumed they would be choked, but that's definitely not the case. I typically use G1 Clear for resos.

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REMO vintage A coated on the snare and toms, over Ambassador clear. Powerstroke 3 coated on the BD, Fiberskyn 3 or Ebony on the reso side.
Never disappointed, it sounds open and warm.


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Turn it up!!

Tard's an Aquarian fanboy from way back. :)

Me? Remo......at least until Aquarian can find themselves better stocked in my local. At which point I may even be tempted to give them a go.
This seems to be Aquarian's weakness, distribution of their heads, it baffles me that they rarely seem to be stocked in drum stores, I appreciate online purchasing is becoming more and more popular, but it does make me wonder how many more heads they would sell if more stores carried them.

Maybe it's down to the stock purchasers at the big drum stores, are they less discounted on the wholesale side as compared to Evans or Remo??


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I switched to Evans from Remo about eight years ago, because I was interested about the new things they seemed to be trying with their heads. They weren't afraid to get out front and give something a go. The EMAD, EC2 heads, G-plus.... I've been extremely happy with my choice. The heads stay live longer and sound great once they're broken in. Maybe I'm lucky but I have never ended up with an Evans head that I couldn't tune to sound great. I've had a set of G2 Coateds on my toms since last summer that I play maybe twice a week and they sound great and look like they're maybe a month old.


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Coated Emperor or Vintage Emperor on the toms. Coated Power Stroke 3 or 4 on snare and bass. Non coated single ply heads for resos not necessarily clear (ambassadors or stock heads it doesn't make enough difference to me) . I love the sound of Remo and have never really liked other brands enough to stick with them after switching. I always end up with the above mentioned heads. It's a pretty standard setup i should imagine.


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I use Remo coated Emperors over coated Ambassadors (or clear Ambassadors) on the toms, although I also use Aquarian Super 2 heads at times.

On the snare, I typically use a Vintage A or a Coated Emperor.

On the kick I use an Aquarian Superkick 1 on the batter and a Remo Fiberskyn 3 with a felt strip in the resonant side.


I use mostly Evans heads for everything.

Snare: Power Center Reverse Dot batter over Hazy 300 reso
Toms: G2 coated batter over G1 clear reso
Bass Drums: Emad 2 batter over EQ1 reso

On higher toms (10"+) I sometimes use single ply or double ply clear heads, depending on what sounds better out of experimentation.
personally like evans, remo's sounded too plasticky to me.......if that makes sense? currently digging evans ec2's on the toms and hybrid grey marching head on the snare.


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Actually the Aquarian players are just staying silent while the Evans and Remo fanboys sound off.
Turn it up!!

Tard's an Aquarian fanboy from way back. :)

Me? Remo......at least until Aquarian can find themselves better stocked in my local. At which point I may even be tempted to give them a go.


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I've tried all kinds of Evans heads, but in the end I'm back to Remo. They have the right options for any sound I'm after. Currently Powerstroke II, and coated Ambassadors on snare and toms.

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We need a facebook type "like" button for posts like this...lol
I agree. I guess we're the only ones that like Aquarians, besides the SK fans.

Actually the Aquarian players are just staying silent while the Evans and Remo fanboys sound off. I really like any head that sounds good. I have no quarrel.


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I am a fan of Evans power center reverse dot. I have 14 snares with them on most. I also have an Evans Genera dry on one and an Evans ST dry on another also a few Evans G1 on my snares. I recently picked up a 5 x 14 Acrolite with an Aqurian Hi energy and I am extremely impressed with, I will say one thing, it has to be the loudest head I have ever heard. On my toms its Evans G2 clear batter and G1 clear reso.


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Remo coated Vintage Ambassadors or Ludwig heavy coated on everything but the bass drum. On those I've got Ludwig power collars (clear) on the batter head and Ludwig vintage logo power collars on the reso head.


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Evans all the way !

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I'm predominantly a Remo man myself. Pinstripes batters and Ambassador resos on all of the toms; either a PS3 with felt strips or an Aquarian SKII batter and Ambassador Reso; PS3 batter and Ambassador on the 14" snare; either a Vintage Ambassador or Evans Genera HD Dry and Ambassador on the 13". Coated all around, except for the snare resos and the bass batter. Oh yeah, and moongels to tone down the sustain (I'm surrounded by stucco).


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I prefer Emperors over Ambassadors on all the toms with a power stroke 3 on the bass. Then Ambassadors on the Timbales.

Love the sound Remo's give me.