What are some good double bass control exercises?


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I got the speed and technique down but I have no control whatsoever, what are some good exercises I could do to improve my control? Thank you.

Anthony Amodeo

not sure you could have speed and technique without control

doesn't make much sense since they all go hand in hand

put on a slow quarter note click, play 8th notes on right hand and 2 and 4 on your left (assuming you are right handed)...and play through the Table of Time on your feet

play through each line 4 times and get to the point where you can go top to bottom then back without stopping

this will whip your feet into shape like nothing else that exists

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I got the speed and technique down but I have no control whatsoever, what are some good exercises I could do to improve my control? Thank you.
Do some search. You'll find tons of info as double bass (control, speed) is a topic which comes up quite frequently on this forum.

+1 on what Gvdadrummasum said.
Please give us some more info on the foot technique(s) you're using and some bpm value, how long you've been playing and what you're struggling with most. (I think I have a similar problem BTW.)

Overall control stems from repetition, practicing a lot at (rather) slow to medium speed, doing both right and left foot lead, challenging oneself with e.g. rudiments on the feet (including flams), keeping an eye on dynamics also. Plus learning/doing multiple foot techniques helps learning new stuff or perfecting the techniques used. Slow practice is important but at times you should also push yourself and play at higher speed for longer periods of time: Get into the burn zone, then switch feet - if practicing one foot at a time-, repeat. If practicing both feet and it's getting (too) hard - switch down to the next slower time table subdivision (or half time) and continue. Or switch from one technique to a more energy saving one (to me heel-toe/doubles is the easiest foot technique for higher speed).

Take any good literature like "Stick Control" and apply it to your feet - and you're there, developing control!


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