What are people comfortable with playing?

Bo Eder

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How do you say almost everything without sounding arrogant? ;)

It's weird (well, maybe not weird) because where I grew up, I heard alot of different music, not just the usual jazz, rock, etc.,... tropical, latin, mexican, indian....after a while you get a feeling for what you're supposed to do so I could at least sit in with anyone and give them close to what they wanted. The tricky part is not to inject other influences into those settings. So if I was playing with the local Mexican-mariachi-dance band, don't take a solo that sounds like Tommy Aldridge showed up! I was told at a very young age to stay in costume.


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One band is alt rock, fairly straight forward... the other is country / bluegrass, so some train beats and shuffles.

When I just jam, it's usually in the funk realm.


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No jazz here (although I enjoy listening to it). My comfort zone is classic rock and some melodic metal from the '80s and '90s.
could not of said it better myself!! though I am enjoying some of the newer stuff Godsmack, Disturbed, 3 days Grace, Foo Fighters that we have added to our set list lately..but classic rock is my favorite to listen to and to play for sure..


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I would say my comfort zone is a funk/soul groove or my interpretation of the Purdie half-time shuffle.


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No jazz here (although I enjoy listening to it). My comfort zone is classic rock and some melodic metal from the '80s and '90s.


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A thought just crossed my mind, and now I'm genuinely curious: what are people comfortable with playing? By this, I mean what 'genre' do people normally play as a standard sort of thing, but also what else can they play?

I thought about it some more, and came up with three areas of playing: stuff you have to play (ie. your gigs), stuff you like to play for fun (ie. practice) and stuff you are also comfortable with playing (ie. jams with others).

I'll start:

As a 'church musician', I play alt and soft rock, gospel, pop-like stuff and occasionally random things.

When I'm practicing or playing seriously, I play funk, pop, classic rock, fusion stuff and swing.

When I'm jamming, I'm also pretty comfortable with R&B, blues, acoustic (brushes and snare, anyone?) and some simple jazz stuff.

So, what does everyone else do? I'm looking forward to the guys who play jazz who also jam or practice metal, and so on...