Week to teach drums


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Hi well let me start from the beginning. I work in a school and once a year we have activities week and this year I suggested band camp. I'll have 20 students learning either drums, bass, guitar or vocals in one week and coming together on the last day to perform. I would really like your suggestions on what song to teach them. It needs to be modern and easy (ish) for them to be able to learn in a week (also remember the students learning guitar,bass). I have requested that they all have some music experience but to what level that is who knows.
Well there you go, please send your ideas.


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How old are the kids? What grades are you teaching? That'll make a difference in how quickly you can teach them, and what sort of experience they have.

Songs based on simple rhythms and chord progressions are always winners for this sort of exercise. In my day it might have been "Louie Louie" or "You Really Got Me". Nowadays, there might be an appropriate song by someone like Green Day. It'll take some walking around in iTunes to find, but I bet you could find five or six songs that fit the bill. Then I would allow the class to vote on the song they will play - gives them ownership of the process and gets them excited (as long as they don't hate all the songs).


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First thing that comes to mind is White Stripes- seven nation army? Idk if that style would be appropriate or not though, but it def could be learned in a week IMO