Weckl Describes Simon & Garfunkel Audition 1983

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Weckl Describes Simon & Garfunkel Audition 1983

SKF NOTE: This exchange is from my 1983 feature length with Dave Weckl that was never published in Modern Drummer. Well, some of the interview was published in MD as a profile of Dave Weckl, but that's it. Here is the back story.

Weckl was age 23 when we met. He was living in Bridgeport, CT getting ready to go on tour with Simon and Garfunkel -- arguably the first major gig that put Weckl on the map.

Weckl's own web site says of the '83 Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour: "After this tour, it was not long before Dave was regularly being called for radio and TV jingles, sound track sessions, and top recording dates with such artists as George Benson, Peabo Bryson, Diana Ross, and Robert Plant, to name a few."

I will make the entire interview transcript available in the future. Meanwhile, here is 23-year old Dave Weckl telling us about his audition for the Simon and Garfunkel drum chair.

Scott K Fish: Were there other drummers who auditioned for the Simon and Garfunkel gig?

Dave Weckl: Not that I know of. Anthony Jackson was basically responsible for that. That's the one thing of getting people to respect you for what you are. You can't act like something you're not. Basically, try to form yourself to be something that people will respect and like. You've got to work at that. You've got to look at yourself from the outside in. The more people you have on your side, obviously, the farther you're going to go and the better you're going to do. This business works on recommendation.

SKF: Do you think your attitude is as important or more important than your technical ability?

DW: It all works hand in hand. And at times, attitude can outweigh your talent. And I've seen attitude work against somebody who is an outstanding player. They're great, but for some unknown reason they're not working. You ask, "Why?" And the answer is oftentimes, "Ah, he's got a strange attitude." That's really it.

Once you get to know these people, and they know you as a person, and they can see that you're not a jerk -- that you're a responsible type -- then, of course, your ability has to be able to back you up. That's when all the years of woodshedding come into play. When you're thrown into a situation of, "Okay. This guy trusts me. He's going to recommend me and put his reputation on the line." That's when you have to be able to back up what everybody's talking about.

SKF: What was the audition for Simon and Garfunkel like?

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Thank you for sharing this article. I've been reading MD since around 1984 and love these articles. I knew Gadd played with them, of course, but I didn't know the Weckl story.


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I remember reading the original article in MD when I had a ton of back issues.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea who he was.

Then I remember some time latter I flipping though the same back issue, and wow, there's Weckl.

And I remember the funny thing is he had Sabian cymbals in the picture. History would repeat itself decades later. lol.

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In the transcript Weckl describes 2 drumsets: the Yamaha set w/ cymbals he used with Simon & Garfunkel - and an earlier Gretsch set of his.