Water on Drum Effect


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my teacher drums for the blue man group and they pour water dyed with fluorescent color on the heads, then shine black lights on them. it looks amazing!


Keith Moon did this on the "Rolling Stones Rock N' Roll Circus" performance of "A Quick One While He's Away"...which might I add could be the finest moment of The Who!!!!!!!


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This is a standard Martin Chambers move. I read an article about him in Modern Drummer a few years ago and he said he pours water on the floors at random for effect. The really wild part is that he has to wrap all of his SM 57s with non-lubed condoms to protect them from the overspray. Apparently they are thin enough to avoid altering the sound.


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If the bearing edges or inside of a wood drum gets wet and the water sits on it for a while, I'm sure it'd cause some damage. The biggest danger would be rusting your hardware. You'd have to disassemble the shells and hardware to make sure you dried everything out, afterward. Seems like a big hassle for a gimmick.


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Whoah that sounds like a cool show effect.

Would pouring water over the plastic heads be a good counter to the damages flaming sticks could cause? That would make for an awesome double flaming sticks/splashing water effect!

Monica McCoy

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I saw Juliette Lewis at The Roxy a few years back during the encore the drummer opened a water bottle and poured it all over the heads.

Airborne water droplets against the lights and all that noise... It was awesome!


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It is most likely to get a dampened sound on the drum head. Either that or it's a performance effect thing.

I'm not sure if that would damage the actual drum, but dampening the heads with water keep them sounding nicer (if they're clear coated).


I was watching a Pretenders live special last night, and whenever Martin Chambers would hit the low floor tom, water would splash into the air. Im guessing he just pours some on it at the beginning of the show. Do you think this would this damage the head or drum in anyway? Has anyone else heard of this craziness before??